Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wasabi Was Worth It!

There are certain restaurants I have on my list I know I want to try and review. Mostly, they are places everyone has heard of which is how I know about them. So, I love when people give me suggestions of new restaurants to try. Ali from work knows I love sushi. Every time our office orders they know to put me down for my fav, a spicy tuna roll. So she suggested I try Wasabi. A Chinese & Japanese restaurant in West Chester; a little off the beaten path. It is a two minute drive off of Gay street in a shopping center on Rt 322. Ali highly recommends the sushi and emphasizes her love of their BYOB policy. So I decided to give it a go. I have very little money as you probably know, so I was worried when I perused their prices on their on-line menu. But just my luck, they have a lunch menu with some great deals! My husband Shawn and I decide to go on a Saturday afternoon for lunch.

The place was empty, a ghost town. It was Me, Shawn and about 8 waiters in a moderately sized restaurant. It was pretty swanky and I felt a little under dressed in my trusty Angry Birds tee and jeans. It was cool, dark, and did I say empty? It was noon on a Saturday so maybe people were still waking up from the festivities that ended their miserable mundane work week. And since it is a BYOB, they probably get a lot of business at night. This would explain the three workers wrapping fortune cookies like crazy at a table toward the back.

Obviously, we had phenomenal service since we're the only customers there. But judging by the troops dressed in black with aprons, I am guessing they could handle a busy Saturday night crowd just as easy. 

Menu & Food
We knew we had to try the sushi with their 2 for $7.50 lunch special. Who could pass it up? I ordered of course, the Spicy Tuna Roll so I could compare to the thousands I've consumed before. 
And feeling a little adventurous, we got the Negihamachi Roll which was yellow tail and scallions which we never had. After that it wasn't easy to order. The menu is so large it made actually deciding on something to eat difficult. Don't get me wrong, I love a menu with an extensive selection but this was almost ridiculous.  We spent 1/3 of our time reading their menu. Finally we chose the Pad Thai and the Four Season. We went with an entree which was a little more expensive, but they do have a great lunch specials available. For example they have a Japanese Lunch Box which contains either Chicken or Shrimp Teriyaki, Jasmine Rice, Chicken Satay, Salad in ginger dressing and Miso soup for only $8.95. Or everyone's favorite, General Tso's Chicken with your choice of Miso or Hot & Sour Soup and served with White or Brown Rice for only $6.95. The food we ordered was good, nothing that knocked my socks off. But we enjoyed it. Their portions were normal sized which I liked. Usually I end up with the "never ending noodles";  the meal you can eat for hours and it looks like you didn't even make a dent. It was nice not gorging myself to blotation and repeating my usual prayer of never having to smell Chinese food again.

Sum It Up
Service: Great service, lots of hands on deck helping out with clearing plates and bringing food.
Atmosphere: It had a really cool vibe. It looks like the inside of a hip Sushi restaurant you would see in Manhattan but without the price!
Food: Sushi = Awesome. Huge selection in both Chinese and Japanese Cuisine.
Extras: BYOB, need I say more. It's also not in the heart of town so you get a little extra privacy while eating some great food with a reasonable price. 

I'm glad Ali told me about this place. I hate noisy crowds, expensive prices and crappy food. Luckily Wasabi had none of the above. Also, it's always a different experience when you eat somewhere for lunch and then for dinner. So I plan on going back! But this time with a bottle of wine, maybe two, sit my ass at the sushi bar and go to town. 
Rating: 7 out of 10


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